We just posted two tour stories from one of my favorite regions in South America: the spectacular area of northern Argentina around Salta and Cafayate.

Paul and Lorie Bennett lined their trip up through Grapevine Wine Tours, a company I had the pleasure of working with when I toured some of the top wineries in Mendoza.

They first take us outside the fun Colonial city of Salta to the sparsely populated surrounding areas such as the Salinas Grandes salt desert, Jujay, Purmamarca and Humahuaca Gorge. This dry, dramatic part of Argentina is nothing like the rest of the country. See the whole story here: Touring the Salta Countryside in Northern Argentina.

The other story is on the wineries in and surrounding the picture-perfect town of Cafayate. This wine region is overshadowed by its more famous brother to the south, Mendoza, but I like Cafayate much better myself since it’s not so spread out. You can get to many of the local wineries on a rented bicycle. Or if you go on a tour as the Bennetts did (very helpful since many of the tours are in Spanish ordinarily), then you can get from your hotel to most any vineyard in less than 15 minutes, with no traffic to worry about. This is a gentle, laid-back city meant for strolling and biking and the wine snobs are few and far between. Drink, eat, and enjoy. Divine wine along Cafayate’s Ruta de Vino.

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