Belize carrier Maya Air just announced two flights a day between Belize City and Cancun, Mexico, beginning on July 8. This news couldn’t come at a better time for me since I was not looking forward to taking a bus from Belize City all the way up to Cancun at the end of my Belize trip this summer with my family. I’m sure many other travelers are breathing a huge sigh of relief as well and gladly opening up their wallet to pay the $189 advance one-way fare.

This will also make it much easier on Europeans, who have many flights to Cancun but not so many to Belize. A trip to Belize from Europe usually involves a stopover in U.S. airport, which is no fun for anyone these days.

Following this link for Maya Air’s flight schedule and rates.

Thanks to the folks at Turneffe Flats island fishing resort in Belize for this tidbit from their newsletter.