In case you missed it in all the 24/7 Michael Jackson coverage, there was a military coup in Honduras over the weekend.

If your travel plans in the coming weeks had something to do with Honduras, you may want to keep an eye on the news. This story has more layers than a big fat onion, but the headline version is that there has been a coup and the legally elected president was put on a plane and sent to Costa Rica. He’s no angel either, and he had just sacked the head of the military and tried to pull a Chavez and alter the constitution to serve longer. It’s messy.

Honduras is not Iran, however, and things have remained pretty calm on the mainland. They may not stay that way, but for now, no bloodshed. On Roatan and Utila, the divers are probably oblivious, so if you’re just flying into an island and flying out, there’s probably no need to change plans.

Just stay up on what’s happening. Honduras This Week is the local English language paper and it has a good website. Otherwise log into the BBC or just pull up Google or Yahoo news for Honduras.