I had the pleasure of staying at Machaca Hill Rainforest Lodge in Punta Gorda, Belize a few weeks ago and it was a fantastic experience. It is part of a huge private nature reserve in southern Belize. Most tourists don’t make it this far, but if you do you’ll be rewarded. It’s a great area for outdoor adventure activities and the Mayan ruins nearby get only a trickling of visitors. The reserve has lots of hiking trails and you can go kayaking on the river near the lodge, getting down there by a built-in tram.

See our review of Machaca Hill in Belize here and then tune in later in the month for a Belize family adventure story we’ll be posting. Want to take a walk through the main lodge building? See the video tour below. You’ll have to supply your own twittering birds and Garifuna music for the soundtrack though: somehow the sound got lost in the conversion from Quicktime to Windows to YouTube. Sorry!