Brazil hasn’t gotten much attention as a real estate investment play for U.S. investors until recently. There’s plenty of beautiful coastline and prices have been good, but it just hasn’t been on the radar here. The flight connections to northern Brazil have left something to be desired, plus there’s the Portuguese language—not nearly as useful as Spanish, the expensive visa each time, and concerns about high crime.

The flights are getting easier though: there are now flights directly from Atlanta to the northeastern city of Fortaleza. Crime is mostly an issue in the big megacities of Brazil, not the sleepy coastal regions up north.

The Europeans have been buying beach property in Brazil for a long time though. The Portuguese, of course, but also oddly enough—as I learned in this article—the Norwegians. See our rundown on the real estate market in one particular stretch of coast: The Draw of Ceará: Real Estate in Northeastern Brazil.