marine iguanas galapagos

They tell you to bring a lot of memory card capacity to the Galapagos Islands, but you don’t realize how many photos you will actually took until you start downloading them. Then you wonder what you’re going to do with them all.

I always figured those Galapagos articles I saw in magazines had some talented photographer with a big zoom lens behind them. In fact, you could take a digital camera you bought for $59 from Wal-mart and return home with amazing photos. The animals just don’t give a crap that tourists are ogling them and snapping photos. They just yawn.

Here are two random ones I grabbed and resized. Many more to come after I write up my story on the excellent trip I took with Angermeyer Cruises. I’ll have an interview with the founder running here on the blog in a few days. He’s one of the originals.

Meanwhile, I’m holed up at the misty Royal Palm Hotel in the highlands, which we’ll be adding to our reviews soon. A lovely place to hang out and use as a base if you don’t want to spend a week on a rocking ship. Giant tortoises are a few minutes away.

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