A few notable travel-related news bites from around the Americas…

– Honduras situation resolved…sort of. The U.S. dropped Honduras from its travel advisory after recent elections had a good turnout and went peacefully. Unfortunately, that’s still not the end of it since most governments are not recognizing the new leader as legit and the kicked-out former president is still holed up in the Brazilian embassy. Bottom line though, traveling there should not be affected while this is worked out and places where tourists spend any time, like Roatan and Copan, were never impacted much to start with.

– Speaking of Honduras, lovely Pico Bonito Lodge is offering a 2-for-1 special through January 3.

– We recently reviewed the new Bristol Buenaventura hotel, but parts of it were still under construction at opening. Tomorrow the spa officially opens.

– During the annual World Travel MarketĀ  heldĀ  in London, the members of LATA (Latin American Travel Association) chose Awasi as the Best Boutique Hotel in Latin America, for the second consecutive year. Awasi is located in the Atacama region of Chile.

– Argentina is once again threatening to impose a reciprocal visa fee ($131 for Americans) for foreigners landing in Buenos Aires by air. Each time they have announced this in the past it has been struck down, presumably because the massively important ourism industry would take a huge hit if it goes into motion, right during a worldwide recession that is especially affecting Argentina. We’ll see if common sense prevails again or if Argentina follows the path of countries that receive fewer North American visitors, like Brazil and Bolivia.