Puebla, Mexico is the home of Talavera pottery and is a major business center that has almost become one with Mexico City as both have sprawled. Unfortunately, it’s not been a city known for fine hotels.

There’s one bright spot we’re glad to highlight, however. A few years back the designer hotel company Grupo Habita turned an ice factory building into hotel La Purificado and suddenly there was a happening place in Puebla to see and be seen. Habita Group’s hotels aren’t for everyone, but if you’re into design done well and like to hang out where the cool people are, you can’t go wrong in places like Condesa df in Mexico City.

This hotel is also aimed at the fashion set and has one of those maddening websites that’s set up like a puzzle for you to solve, so good luck finding what you need on there. Thankfully we’ve got a detailed review of La Purificadora posted now so you can read details about it instead of just getting pretty pictures. Well, they let us borrow a few pretty pictures of it for you as well.

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