Most of the luxury hotels we feature are full-service affairs since, as we’ve said many times, it’s the staff attention that really separates a great hotel from an average one. There are times, however, when you want something that falls somewhere between a villa rental and a straight hotel. You want a kitchen and plenty of space, but a staff that’s there to serve you drinks and clean up each day. And maybe you don’t want to stay there for a whole week.

In laid-back Belize, these condo hotels work quite well, so we’ve featured two of them. A while back we posted a review of Chabil Mar Villas, a place I visited myself by just walking down the beach from Turtle Inn. It’s got the most dramatic beachfront, the largest rooms, and the most in-room amenities in Placencia. For a family, this is really a more sensible choice than Robert’s Grove or Turtle Inn.

We just added another place that fits that description: Phoenix Resort in Ambergris Caye. This place “has many of the same top-notch amenities that other Ambergis Caye resorts do, with the additional convenience of being within short walking distance to San Pedro’s restaurants, stores and nightclubs.” And of course more room, with a full living room and kitchen.

These two hotels will probably never end up on any glossy magazine’s “Hot List” or fill a wall with awards, but if your idea of pampering is a full-size fridge and a concierge equivalent to give you the scoop on everything in town, they’re great vacation spots.

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