The Wall Street Journal published an article yesterday about how U.S. hotels are dropping the word “resort” from their name because it’s causing them to miss out on corporate booking deals.

“The Ballantyne Resort in Charlotte, N.C., changed its name during the summer to the Ballantyne Hotel & Lodge after several corporate clients indicated it would have a better chance of landing their business if it weren’t called a resort. Same for the Westin Stonebriar near Dallas, formerly the Westin Stonebriar Hotel & Resort. Ditto the Renaissance Orlando at Sea World, no longer the Renaissance Orlando Resort at Sea World.”

What’s hilarious about this is that it’s all a fake-out to get around silly rules instituted by some silly boss. Because of the AIG fallout last year, corporations are afraid to appear to be living it up too much, so they’re telling their meeting planners to not seek bids from any “resorts.” So the hotels are responding by doing a workaround: changing their name.

Nothing else has changed of course. The spa and golf course are still there, the excursion programs are still in place, the execs will surely be having just as many poolside cocktails as they would have before.

But now it’s not a resort. So we can all feel better about things…now that the letterhead has been reprinted.

See the full article here.