I’m one of those cranky editors always whining about my inbox being jammed up with press releases I never open, much less read. But every once in a while I get something interesting like this that’s worth sharing.

The lovely Las Ventanas al Paraiso resort in Los Cabos has worked out an arrangement where they’re getting advance copies of books from U.S. publishers. These “galleys” are the copies sent out to reviewers well ahead of the book being commercially available, so that they can write their review far enough ahead to make it into the magazine when the book is hitting the shelves. Las Ventanas is handing these out to their guests to read by the pool or in their room, giving them a rare chance to read a novel before the book clubs have even heard of it (and before Oprah has given her blessing).

The currently available novels include:

* The Lake Shore Limited by Sue Miller
* The Third Rail by Michael Harvey
* 29 by Adena Halpern
* Zoo Story by Thomas French
* The Ark by Boyd Morrison
* The Other Family by Joanna Trollope
* The Poet Prince by Kathleen McGowan
* Beautiful Maria of My Soul by Oscar Hijuelos
* A Soft Place to Land by Susan Rebecca White
* The Life of Andrew Jackson by Robert Remini

Las Ventanas is known for rolling out unique services, like having a bath butler get your room all set up and romantic while you’re having dinner. Hey, they even have a Department of Romance. This advance book Hot Type program is another service that’s unique and surprising—which is kind of rare in the post-Dubai hotel world.

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