I noted last week that we had added a review of the vastly upgraded Tivoli in São Paulo, Brazil and we’ve got another addition to our reviews there up now too: L’Hotel Porto Bay.

L’Hotel Porto Bay is one of those hidden gems you don’t hear much about except from those who are in the know.

This 80-room hotel brings a lot of Europe to South America in the attitude and decor and it is a favorite with business executives and diplomats rather than rock stars and trust fund entourages. Choose this one for a “tranquil, old-world ambiance” in the “chaotic nerve center” of the city.

And here’s something you don’t see very often in Brazil:

“American travelers represent the largest contingent of foreign guests (Brazil’s Citibank headquarters lie a block away), which perhaps explains the fact that everyone – from the reception staff to the maid who brings evening chocolates and turns down your bed – breaks into fluent English the minute they suspect it’s your native tongue.”

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