We’re busy editing new hotel reviews for Colombia and Peru, but meanwhile here’s some worthy Latin American travel reading material from around the web.

It’s hard to put together a decent round-up of the entire giant country of Mexico. This piece from The Independent newspaper in the UK does a pretty good job of it though. Traveller’s Guide to Mexico: 2010

BlackBook has a great piece up on the revitalization of Medellin, the city that has moved from murder capital of the world to a pleasant city with outdoor cafes in the space of two decades. Here’s my favorite quote: “At one point, Escobar was spending $2500 per month on rubber bands to hold cash together.”

Yesterday the Wall Street Journal included a whole special section on Brazil. If you need a primer on the government and the economy there, dive in. For travelers, the best part is chef Paulo Barroso’s picks for the 10 best restaurants in Sao Paulo.

I just hired the writer of the Latin Flyer blog to review newcomer Estancia Vik in Uruguay for us. See his picks here for 7 interesting hotels in Uruguay. (His rundown includes one we do have reviewed, Mantra Resort and Spa.)