Whenever a city goes from relative obscurity to being “the hot place to visit” in the space of a decade or less, new boutique hotels pop up like mushrooms. The trouble with that, as I’ve seen personally in Buenos Aires and San Miguel de Allende, is that what looks great on a website often doesn’t turn out to be so great when you’re inside the doors. Then the staff disappears all day long and you’re on your own until sundown. So the challenge for us at Luxury Latin America is not adding new hotel reviews: it’s deciding which ones really deserve to be included.

Often I’ll put my faith in a writer who knows the city well, someone who is covering it for a guidebook or one of the high-end travel magazines. Like Nicholas Gill, who often covers the scene in Peru and Colombia for us. He says Hotel Boutique Anandá in Cartagena is one of the special ones.

Besides an obsessive attention to the design details and museum-quality artifacts throughout, Ananda is a better value than many of its competitors in town, with larger rooms and suites that don’t require much of a premium. With a nice rooftop pool and patio, plus an attractive courtyard restaurant, this is a good choice for a romantic stay in the historic Colombian city of Cartagena. See our full review of Hotel Ananda.

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