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Last year I interviewed one of our business partners, Jamie Schectman, about renting a house in the Bariloche region of Patagonia. Jamie and his wife are American, but for the past few years they’ve been watching some of the world’s most incredible sunrises and sunsets over the Andes Mountains from their home beside the lake.

A new business opportunity is calling them from the bottom of the Earth to the top and they are making plans to return to Alaska. They are putting their amazing property up for sale and if my life situation were different I’d be tempted to buy it myself. Listed at $379,000 it includes land, three separate homes, and priceless views.

“Located in the exclusive Llao Llao neighborhood, outside of Bariloche, Patagonia, Argentina, this impressive property includes three houses. All enjoy their own amazing vistas of Lake Nahuel Huapi, Victoria Island, the Andean Crest and Chile, as well as individual privacy, private parking, and fenced landscaping with native trees and wildflowers.”

The two additional houses generated $21,000 of income last year through Bariloche Vacation Rentals. If you didn’t live there full time you could rent out the main house as well.

There’s clear title, minimal closing costs, rental permits in place, and few hassles to purchasing here. To see what life has been like in this spot for the couple, see the Living in Patagonia blog.

bariloche lake views

[Editor’s update – this is an old post and this property was sold. We’ve removed the links, but left the post as a look at what a beautiful place near Bariloche was going for.]