new 100 dollar bill

In a new attempt to stay ahead of people trying to copy the world’s most popular and portable unit of currency, the U.S. treasury is rolling out an even more complicated $100 bill on February 10. According to this story in the Wall Street Journal, there are some nifty new touches.

“The 3-D security ribbon contains images of bells that transform to numeral 100s that turn into images of bells, and back again, as the note is moved. When the note is tilted back and forth, some images on the ribbon appear to move side to side. If the note is shifted side to side, these images slide up or down.”

Also there’s an inkwell that changes color from copper to green and the movement will also make a Liberty Bell appear.

If you’re going to be traveling after mid-February, be sure to request the latest versions for the cash you’ll carry. The older your bills, the more hassle you’ll get at banks and money changers because the older ones are easier to copy. (I once went traipsing around to every kiosk in Cusco trying to change a stupid pair of $20 bills that were the version before last.)

You can see images and video of the new bill at