After giving it a rest for a little while, we’ve got two new resort reviews going up for Nicaragua. The first is so close to Granada “you can hear the cathedral bells,” says our correspondent Paige Penland.

El Jicaro Island Resort is no city hotel though, that’s for sure. It’s a very ec0-friendly but upscale lodge built on an island in Lake Nicaragua, reached by boat from Granada. Here’s what’s in store after you get there.

There are only nine marvelous, two-story villas on the rugged little isleta, imaginatively designed to blend seamlessly into this mountainscape in miniature. Flagstone trails wend through the rocky forest floor between them, where a fragile ecosystem was carefully conserved during construction and delicately landscaped afterward, using permaculture principles. These exuberant gardens, into which the resort was so perfectly inlaid, interweave native flowers and trees into an optimum environment for all.

In some ways this resort surpasses the best hotels in the nearby city and you can’t beat the location if you’re looking for calming views and solitude. Come here to truly unwind and spend quality time with your romantic partner before diving back into what the city has to offer.

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