New whiskey distilleries are opening up in Scotland and production is revving up at existing ones as sales take off in emerging markets. As with everything, China is driving part of this growth, but did you know sales have increased 44% in Brazil and 25% in Mexico? Ay Chihuahua!

That’s according to this story, As world develops a taste, Scotch Whiskies Pour it On.

The big question is, do consumers in these countries suddenly prefer the taste of Scotch over that of rum, pisco, or tequila, or is drinking it just a way to confer status? “Consumers will try to make statements about their success, and whisky is perfect for that,” says Sebastian Concha, global drinks analyst at insight firm Mintel. “This is a big driver across all of the developing world.”

Put on the Prada, pack up the Porche, and grab a bottle of Scotch for a gift.

The one odd stat in that article is that sales to Venezuela are up 73%, to a shipment value of 116 million pounds sterling. That more than $150 million wholesale value. That implies a lot more wealthy people are left in Venezuela that any other stats would indicate. I smell a smuggling ring…