Editor’s note – Apparently making a real business out of a hotel in such an isolated location was not easy and the Colome Estancia Hotel is now closed. We’re leaving this up because it’s indexed in the search engines, but now you can just visit the museum and winery—not spend the night.

The Colomé Estancia Hotel, in an isolated location four hours from Salta or Cafayate, seems an unlikely place to house a notable museum dedicated to one artist. But the James Turrell Museum there is the real deal, built at the whim of the Swiss owner and vintner Donald Hess.

Last year, the dedicated art collector opened a dedicated 18,000-square-feet building devoted to the California artist’s works, known for their interplay of light and space, in a spectacular setting—mountains in the distance, surrounded by a vineyard. Some of the installations integrate the clear desert sky.

If you’re going to make the trek all the way out to Colomé Estancia, you will be rewarded: admission to the museum is free. But here at Argentina’s oldest winery, in a hotel that’s surprisingly plush for something so far from cities and supply routes, you’ll want to stick around for a while and take it all in.

You can see a slideshow of seven images from the museum at Wallpaper magazine’s site.