I did a post recently on how to get into airport lounges when you fly as they can make your layovers a whole lot more pleasant or productive. I noted in there that my choice is the American Express Platinum card. It’s a hefty $450, but gets you into the lounges of three major airlines, with your guests/family.

It just got better though: now you can add USAirways to that list as well. True, this airline is perpetually at the bottom of the rankings when it comes to customer satisfaction, but if you do get stuck flying with them, at least your time between planes will be better if you’re passing through Charlotte or another hub where they have a lounge.

This post from Dan’s List runs down all the benefits of the card—and there are a lot—plus if you’re a new customer you can get 25,000 miles upon approval that you can deposit into a bunch of different airline and hotel programs. Sweet deal!

Update 2014: This card has gotten a lot less valuable the past couple years as airlines have dropped out of the lounge program and Delta has stopped allowing a free guest. You now get a $200 airline credit on a single airline (great for baggage fees you hate paying) and you can use Membership Rewards points to pay for travel. And they’re reimburse your Global Entry fee, which is another $100 in benefits. But the main reason to get this car originally—the great airport lounge perks—is mostly gone. I’ve now downgraded to the green card to save more than $350 a year.