We frequently lash out at hotels and airlines that annoy their customers with lots of hidden fees and charge them for things that should be as standard—like Internet access in a hotel. So we like it when great companies stand out by taking the opposite approach, by over-delivering instead.

Mead Brown Vacation Rentals in Costa Rica is one of those companies—see our interview with co-founder Michael Brown here. They’ve teamed up with Adobe Car Rentals to solve a common tourist problem in Costa Rica: no access to a cell phone.Visitors who book an Adobe rental car through the Mead Brown site get a complimentary cell phone to use while they have the car. Local incoming and outgoing calls are free and international ones get billed at the Costa Rican rate rather than your home country’s rate.

Many foreign cell phones don’t work at all in the country, even if you’re willing to pay the outrageous roaming charges from your home provider, and some visitors naturally get anxious about being disconnected from work and family the whole time. This is a great value added benefit, on top of reasonable insurance rates that aren’t meant to gouge you for as much as the car rental itself.

See the full press release here or book a vehicle at Mead Brown’s auto rental page.