Less than an hour from the Puerto Vallarta airport is a new and unbelievable luxury resort that is sure to become a preferred new hideout for celebrities trying to escape the gossip rags – Imanta.

The more years I work as a travel writer and editor, the harder it is for me to be truly surprised by a hotel or resort. Imanta left me with my mouth agape though, mostly because it seems impossible that the place is even there. Is it really a viable business to have a seven-unit resort with rates that start at $1,000 per night, on 250 tough-to-develop jungle acres, launched during a recession?

I hope that what seems like a madman’s dream to me really catches on with the travelers who are willing and able to pay to experience this fantastic and unbelievable hideaway. Especially since the owners did it right: they made a minimal impact on the surroundings and recycled nearly all the wood and stone unearthed during the process. Imanta really looks like it belongs and it’s clear the development is bowing to nature, not making nature bow to concrete.

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