Depending on who you ask, the destination of Cozumel in Mexico usually conjures up one of two images: scuba diving or cruise ships. While the former may attract upscale travelers, the latter often turns them off, especially when you’re talking about a port stop where passengers stream out of gargantuan floating hotels by the thousands.

There’s one spot in Cozumel that is well removed from the quickie in-and-out crowd and we’ve just posted a review of it here: Presidente Intercontinental Cozumel.

With its spacious grounds and lack of invasive neighboring properties, the sprawling resort reflects the community’s abundant charms while remaining removed from the unsightly development that’s taken over much of the coastline. At the Presidente, you get to experience Cozumel at its absolute best, right down to the resident iguanas.

Sure, this is a big chain hotel, but the staffers are experienced, well-trained, and are used to going above and beyond for their guests. If you want to explore what’s under the water near Cozumel and then return to a nice retreat by the Caribbean Sea, read our full review of Presidente Intercontinental Cozumel.