We just posted a new luxury travel tour story we’ve had in the works for a while: Cruising the Peruvian Amazon on the MV Aqua. (Click the ship photo on the left if you just can’t wait to read it.)

To say there’s no other ship like this cruising the Amazon River would be an understatement. This is not just a step above what else is out there, but a Superman-sized leap.

It was designed by designed by famed Peruvian architect Jordi Puig and it only has 12 suites, each at least 230 square feet. As a point of reference, that’s pretty close to the average size of a typical chain hotel room. Naturally the service level is top-notch as well, with the crew serving a maximum of 24 guests.

Last, you will not be eating typical group tour food on this trip, our writer says:

“One of South America’s two greatest chefs that use Amazonian ingredients, Lima’s Pedro Miguel Schaiffino, has designed a menu for the Aqua that could rival a Michelin one-star restaurant. While breakfast and lunch mostly alter between international-style meals (with a few local fruits and ingredients thrown in) and Asian and Amazonian influenced ones, dinners range from five to seven Amazonian based courses and are executed brilliantly.”

Follow this link to read the full story: Cruising the Amazon with the Aqua in Peru