If you’re headed to Brasilia, Brazil, you won’t have to think very hard about where to stay. There’s everybody else and there’s the Royal Tulip Brasilia Alvorada. Here’s what our reviewer had to say:

“As fabulously futuristic as the city’s legendary architecture, and blessed by an idyllic, if somewhat secluded, location on Lake Paranoá, the Royal Tulip Brasília Alvorada is easily the best – and some would say the only – place to stay in the nation’s capital.”

Designed by the same architect as the Sao Paulo’s Hotel Unique, this futuristic spaceship with upscale Jetsons furniture mostly does more than it needs to in a city with no real competition. Since it frequently hosts heads of state and top diplomats, there are palatial suites for those with the right budget and staffers that are well-trained in service and security.Where aspects aren’t up to where they should be—as in the spa and restaurant—improvements are on the way soon.

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