While I was touring the many wine districts outside of Santiago, Chile, I was fortunate/unfortunate to spend a night in Valparaíso. The unfortunate part was I only had a night and a morning to explore the area. I definitely want to get back there another time to aimlessly wander the hillside neighborhoods and explore by funicular.

The fortunate part was I got to spend it at Casa Higueras Boutique Hotel, a lovely inn perched on a steep hillside, overlooking the bay. It’s got everything you would crave while staying in this UNESCO World Heritage City: a restaurant with great seafood, a great local wine selection, views of the bay from your room, a pool, and a hot tub for soaking those tired calf and thigh muscles after sightseeing.

This is a historic mansion with character, but there’s nothing creaky about the bi-lingual service or the room amenities. This is a special place to relax and take it all in while being right in the thick of what makes Valpara√≠so special. Stay here for a night while touring around, or take more time to explore and eat your way around the city.

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