A couple years back we posted a story on touring the wine regions around Mendoza, Argentina by vehicle and bike. It seemed plenty decadent until I edited the new one we just posted from a different writer, our Buenos-Aires-based correspondent Bridget Gleeson. She really did Mendoza right with a multi-day tour set up by the company Malbec Symphony. Here’s a sampling:

“I barely sit down before a server is pouring more wine into one of the five glasses that’s been laid out for me. Hors d’ouevres are brought out, followed by grilled steak and capped off with a memorable raspberry and chocolate dessert plate, paired with a tiny glass of port wine.”

That was her third stop of the day, with one more lined up after that! At least she could return to Le Terrada Suites for a nap. See the full story here: A Decadent Symphony of Wine & Food in Mendoza.

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