Sure, ski season is just getting going in the U.S. and Canada, but if you’re planning a vacation for when it’s summer in the northern hemisphere, you can still do a ski trip—in Argentina or Chile.

When we go into shorts and flip-flops mode, they’re pulling out the skiwear to shush down the slopes in places like Catedral, Las Lenas, and Valle Navado. So if you’ll like to make a ski or snowboard vacation in July or August, check out our guide to the best resorts and slopeside hotels – Southern Hemisphere Skiing: Argentina and Chile.

It can be a little overwhelming trying to figure out which resorts to focus on in these countries, so as usual we’re trying to be a filter and save you some time separating the best options from the also-rans. So we’ll not only point you to the best places to ski, but also the best beds while you’re there. Click on the link above or the photo.

As for conditions, that depends a lot on what kind of skier you are. For casual fun, Bariloche is good. For ski all day, party all night with the same crowd, Las Lenas might be more your style.

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