You might notice a lag in posts on this luxury travel blog these days as I’m spending much of my time traveling through Costa Rica. My Osa Peninsula time has been almost totally off the grid. Is “going offline” the new luxury status update? I’m starting to think so as the guests I’ve been hanging out at these places are certainly more relaxed that your average vacationer who still has one foot back home.

One new eco-resort we’ll soon be adding to our Costa Rica hotels section is Playa Nicuesa, which is hands-down the most sustainable lodge I’ve been to that’s actually quite comfortable as well.

Running an eco-lodge in Costa Rica is like trying to run a brewpup in Colorado or a winery in Napa Valley: it almost qualifies as a competitive sport. Playa Nicuesa is the real deal though: minimal concrete, wood from sustainable trees, solar and biofuel power, and no power-sucking TVs. Heck, they don’t even use dryers for the linens: sheets and towels go into a passive solar drying room to let nature do its work. Anything that can be composted is composted and vendors must provide goods in reusable containers and baskets—no plastic bags.

You might not even notice all this though because the setting is so fantastic and there is so much wildlife around. Across the Gulfo Dulce from Puerto Jiminez in the Osa Peninsula, the resort can only be reached by boat. There’s a rocky black sand beach out front, a jungle in the back, and a river nearby that’s great for kayaking. Here’s an edited version of what I saw in just two days: wild pigs, agoutis, coatis, a baby crocodile, three kinds of monkeys, herons, lizards, tiny frogs, dolphins, and a sea turtle. Two days!

This resort may not be for everyone. You eat at set times at a long communal table (great food, by the way) and you are well off the grid here, so it’s not for those addicted to either privacy or social media. For nature lovers trying to keep their environmental impact to a minimum, it’s paradise.

Watch for our review in a few weeks.