We always feel some obligation to revisit a luxury hotel we’ve reviewed when it adds a new wing or does a complete room overhaul. We felt especially obligated to revisit Mansion del Angel in Quito, Ecuador though: they moved across town!

Yes, they packed up a few moving vans and took their elegant furniture to a new address, from the modern Mariscal district to a more fitting mansion overlooking Parque Alameda. A grander building in a more elegant location.

The interiors are just as showy though, if not more so, with our reviewer equating the largest suite to a chamber that would suit King Louis the 14th.

Overall, this is a well-run, impressive Relais & Chateaux hotel filled with finery, with rates that are half that of the Plaza Grande on the square. And now there are more rooms to choose from than at the old location. See our full review of Mansion del Angel in Quito, Ecuador.