How do you feel about the color white?

If you’ve spent wonderful vacations on a Greek island or the coast of Turkey, you probably have fond memories of a whitewashed hotel with arches, the blue sea beyond. That’s the look and feel of SUU Hotel Manuel Antonio, a hotel designed to bring a bit of the Turkish owner’s homeland to the tropics of Costa Rica.

It’s a bit strange in this context, especially when you first arrive, but apart from continuing to feel sorry for the maids who have to keep the place spotless, I got used to it and started to like it. I’m sure photographers are going to go ga-ga over the place, so watch for it in future “Hot List” issues and magazine fashion spreads.

Read the full review to see more photos and get a feel for this small luxury hotel, then see if this nice addition to the Manuel Antonio hotel scene is right for you. It’s near Arenas del Mar, on a peninsula removed from the main beach and national park, but it’s a great setting with a view. Add in an excellent restaurant and a nice big pool for lounging and this is a great place to hang and feel fashionable. If you need some help in that respect, don’t worry, the butler will take care of you.

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