Although it’s hard to believe now, less than a decade ago you couldn’t really find a luxury hotel in the Sacred Valley of Peru. The only people hanging around long enough to stay there were adventure tour groups and backpackers who weren’t content with a one-day bus tour. My oh my how things have changed. Just look at Tambo del Inka, the newly opened top luxury hotel, and realize it’ll probably be bested by something else a year or two later, just as it has bested the ones that just opened in the last couple years.

This is a hotel that will have staying power though, no matter what. It’s got plenty of land and a spacious spa, but is close to the rail station and town in Urubamba. It’s part of both the Libertador chain and Starwood’s Luxury Collection, so there will be point-chasing (and redeeming) guests aplenty. It’s also got plenty of “green hotel” cred, having gained LEED certification for environmental building standards.

Our reviewer says not only is it convenient, but it’s the most stylish place around too:

The earthy interiors, designed by Tony Chi, are a high point of the hotel. Most are contemporary renditions of Inca textiles, stone walls, and pottery that take oversized forms and are put together in original ways—such as in stone fireplaces and hanging tapestries. A vibe that is stylish and not at all dated runs throughout the halls, lobby, bar, lounge, and restaurant.

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