After my December trip to Costa Rica, in the monthly newsletter I ragged on the international airport in San Jose as being a place with nothing to do but shop and eat American fast food. True, I didn’t have to spend two hours in the immigration line upon arrival like I did on my first visit a few years earlier, but it amazed me that the place has no bar and no sit-down restaurant.

Mead Brown Vacation Rentals replied back that they’ve got a solution to all this for upscale travelers. Starting now, anyone who rents a villa or condo through them receives complimentary passes to the VIP lounge at the airport. This is a big deal because even if you have elite status on an American airline or are carrying a platinum card from American Express, you can’t get in to the one and only VIP lounge in the whole terminal. (If you have Priority Pass though, this lounge is in the network.)

As the announcement stated, “Complimentary access through Mead Brown is particularly valuable because—in spite of the wide spectrum of airlines that now serve Costa Rica’s capital city—none of the major North American airlines has a dedicated VIP lounge.”

So for most foreign visitors, this is a benefit they could not get in any other way except buying a day pass. Believe me that unless you want to spend two hours buying coffee and duty free liquor, this will make your San Jose airport time fly by much more quickly.

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