Sure, you could spend a week going back and forth from your resort’s bedroom to the beach chair, but how about a more interesting honeymoon? Or second honeymoon?

Wines of Chile and Enotour have just set up a Romantic Honeymoon Adventure tour in Chile. It takes in Santiago, Valparaiso, and lots of wine valleys in between, with plenty of insider access experiences. There are special touches like a blending session where you can prepare your own anniversary wine.

I was just in this area a few months ago with the people who organized it and the trip led to this article: Touring Chile’s Wine Districts Near Santiago. So go check that out to get a feel for what you would experience.

This tour is six days long and the great thing about Chile’s wine regions is that you can really hit a lot of them in that amount of time. Many are just a short drive from the capital city, so you can be staying in some of Chile’s best hotels at night. Naturally you’ll be eating well as you pop open all those bottles of wine.

The price is roughly three grand per person, but since this is a private tour there are options for customization that will bring the price up or down a bit. For more information, including an itinerary, see this Enotour page.