As I’ve mentioned on here off and on, I’m in the midst of spending a year living in Mexico, in the central highlands World Heritage city of Guanajuato. Every weekend (and half the weekdays) there’s some kind of local cultural festival going on. This weekend we really hit the motherlode: a dance festival and a mole food festival were going on at the same time.

Oaxaca is the real mother state of mole, but they eat a lot of it here in central Mexico as well. We paid all of 30 pesos each (about $2.50) to sample all kinds of mole dishes from different restaurants in town. Some were more about the taste than the presentation:

Others really poured on the culinary skills to make something pretty amidst all the brown.

Others put a twist on the old recipes, adding different ingredients like apple and mango:

And how can you have a Mexican fiesta without a little dancing? The local ballet folklorico performed for the diners. Olé!

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