We’re continuing to beef up our coverage of luxury hotels in Brazil. After all, the country has the World Cup and the Olympics in their future and a booming economy that has been saying, “What world recession?” Our latest new review is Casa Brancas Boutique Hotel & Spa in Búzios.

Just two hours north of Rio, this area has long been a playground of the rich and famous, both internally and from abroad. It’s where many escape to when they leave the hustle, bustle, and crowds of Brazil’s most famous destination.

It’s a white-on-white boutique hotel of just 32 rooms, with multi-level decks and two restaurants to take advantage of the views. The food and full spa are a big draw and this is apparently a popular spot for gals’ getaways. Our reviewer may have found a key reason why:

“The owners also run the beautiful beach lounge and restaurant Rocka Fish at Praia Brava. Here, you can continue lounging on white beds while waiters dressed in skimpy shorts will bring you cocktails. Stay for lunch, and you can savor the fish they just caught this morning. Then, you can have them drive you back to Casas Brancas — also in their skimpy shorts, if you so please.”

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