When I first visited Tides Zihuatanejo a few years ago, the Tides group had just recently taken over management, changing the name from the old Villa del Sol. That was already a quality operation and the facilities were already primo, so thankfully the new group just tinkered around the edges instead of ripping things apart and feeling like they had to put a fat stamp of their own on everything.

Fast forward a few years and they’re still refining, but in nice subtle ways instead of showy brash ones. When I went back again, I was struck by a few nice details, plus the staffers were so bilingual it threw me for a loop, coming from central Mexico where that’s a rarity. At one point the rooms manager tracked me down on the property and said, “I hope you don’t mind, but we took the liberty of scheduling your spa treatment for three o’clock.” (It’ll be a good while before I’m able to say that in Spanish!)

But anyway, an explanation of the photos. At the top is a pillow, welcoming me with my name in flowers. Nice touch.

Next one. On the table, brought in between the time I checked in and when I got inside the door after a stroll to the room, was a freshly made margarita and a pitcher of Jamaica tea. Accompanied by some chips and guacamole. Very nice touch.

This last one is a woven necklace. Inside it is a key fob. You don’t ever have to remove that key from the little woven holder and you don’t have to stick anything into a door mechanism. You just wave that near the door and it unlocks.

As I mentioned in our updated review of Tides Zihuatanejo, a staffer will also ask you what time you would like to have your coffee in the morning. They place it, unobtrusively, on a shelf outside your door, ready when you are. Did I mention that you can check your e-mail for free on the Wi-Fi while you’re sipping?

These guys get it.