We continue to ignore Fox News drumbeat of “Mexico is scary! Mexicans are scary!”

Exhibit M: Morelia. One guidebook writer called this “the coolest city in Mexico you’ve never heard of.” These days it seems even more of a secret, the place that nobody goes to, nobody except those in the know, those who do their homework rather than listening to coiffed newscasters who wouldn’t know Michoacan from Mykonos.

It’s a gorgeous place filled with gorgeous places to stay and we just posted a review of one of them: Villa Montaña. This is a historic home on a hilltop perched above the city.

The person who reviewed this for us, Molly Beer, is a writer who is living there now, and we shared a few drinks in the center, during a lazy afternoon around a cafe table late last year. Here’s a taste of what she says about this fine inn:

Overall, the Villa Montaña is a place in balance with itself. In individual rooms and across the grounds, obvious attention has been paid to natural light and shade, warmth and cool, exterior and interior spaces, as well as old (antique tapestries) and new (immaculate linens and snappy Wi-Fi).

See more in our full review of Villa Montaña in Morelia.