There’s a great article in USA that came out about a month ago called, Is Your Hotel Too Hip for You? It runs down, in detail, all the problems people past the young, hip, and single phase of life have with designer boutique hotels.

“…complicated in-room control panels that bewilder, oddly placed fixtures (think bathtub in the middle of the guestroom) and lighting so dim it’s hard to see what’s where — are signs that your hotel might be too hip for you.”

Unfortunately, this applies to about half the hip boutique hotels in Europe, and by association, half the boutique hotels in Buenos Aires—since they think they’re part of Europe. Some guests have lobbed the same complaints about Faena Hotel, but I’ve met other people who think it’s one of the coolest hotels they’ve ever experienced. Which just goes to show you, if if a modern boutique hotel is driving you crazy, you’re probably not its target market.

As the recession wears on though and the number of new dot-com millionaires slows, hotels may be taking note. The W hotels brand recently announced that its new resort hotels will have curtains that can be drawn over those glasses-in showers that can be seen from the bedroom. Apparently not everyone is so cool that they want to give a show while they’re applying shampoo.

What about you? Have you had a frustrating experience at a too-hip designer hotel?