One of the interesting, little-discussed aspects of touring the Galapagos is that most companies are booking quite similar tours. This is mostly for a very good reason: the fragile ecosystem needs us humans to stay the hell off most of the area, so there are strict limits in place as to where our feet can step or not on any given island.

The differences come in what can be varied: the kind of ship, the guides, which islands you stop in, how fast and nimble your ship is, how eco-conscious it is.

Geographic Expeditions recently launched two new tours playing off these variables in different ways.

The first is a private charter option on what they are calling “the most luxurious yacht in the Galapagos Islands”—the Grand Odyssey. Here’s a taste of what is included on their 16-passenger vessel:

“Salon and entertainment area, dining room, spa and massage area, airy canopied sun deck, full bar, Jacuzzi, and exceptionally spacious en suite cabins…”

The other new tour is a land-based safari adventure, set up more like an African adventure, with a tented camp on Santa Cruz island and excursions by ship to nearby islands. Sure you won’t see it all this way, but there’s plenty of bounty nearby: sea lions, blue-footed boobies, land and sea iguanas, frigate birds, and more.

Both these new tours are set for December. For more info see the Geographic Expeditions site.