Las Villas at Estrella del Mar

Mazatlan is not known as a luxury travel destination and to be honest it’s still got a ways to go to get there. With such heavy competition down the coast in Puerto Vallarta and Los Cabos, Mazatlan will probably always be more comfortable with its good value reputation than with placing huge development bets on luxury palaces meant to wow and awe.

After years of putting it off, however, we’ve now got reviews posted of the three best hotels in Mazatlan: a luxury boutique hotel in the old city, a golf resort with its own very long beach, and a sprawling resort with large rooms and acres of swimming pools.

I’ve mentioned them all on this blog already, including a piece about the golf course at Estrella del Mar. So just follow the link in the paragraph above or click on the photo to read the detailed reviews and see more photos. Then check out more reviews of luxury hotels in Mexico from the rest of the country.