Westin Libertador

In my many years of writing about hotels around the world, I can’t ever remember one opening earlier than scheduled. Until May, that is, when I visited the new Westin Lima in the San Isidro business district. A few weeks before I had scheduled a “hard hat tour” of the facility. By the time I arrived, the place was open and staffed up, with guests in some of the rooms already.

That’s a sign of this organization having its act together and it bodes well for the future. This new hotel, the tallest building in the country of Peru, is a partnership between two key players. The owner is the Libertador company, which has stepped up its game considerably in the past few years, opening Tambo del Inka and Hotel Paracas—both stunning properties. Running the place is Starwood, which has more international convention experience and a deep bench of managers used to serving business guests from around the world. Plus this gets them tapped into the Westin reservation system and lets all those Starwood loyalty points junkies either earn points or cash in.

This is a beautiful hotel, thanks in part to the Tony Chi interiors and thanks also to the huge budget they had to work with. Everything is shiny, new, and beautiful and all the facilities are top-notch, from the spa to the indoor pool to the striking bars. When the weather is clear—a rarity in Lima unfortunately—every room has a city view.

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