It’s been in the news ever since we launched Luxury Latin America several years ago, and for good reason: the Trump tower in Panama City, Panama was either going to succeed in a stupendous fashion or fall apart in a stupendous fashion. Anything in the middle would not be worthy of the Trump name.

Fortunately for everyone, especially Panama, the new Trump Ocean Club is as spectacular as promised. With more than 80% of the residences sold before construction was complete, it’s on solid footing.

I first wrote about the opening of this building at the end of May when I interviewed Donald Trump, Jr. inside one of the residences there. He wouldn’t give any hints on where the next project in Latin America might be. You can’t blame him since the developers collectively spent close to $450 million on this one. They’ve got to make some money back.

As you can imagine, that kind of money gets you some very nice digs. It’s safe to say nobody is going to be challenging this hotel for a good while when it comes to facilities, furnishings, or fab factor. The quality of materials in this hotel is simply unmatched elsewhere in the country. You’d have to go pretty far in any direction on the map to find anything close and since this is the tallest building in Latin America now, it’ll be looking down on competitors until someone else can muster up enough investors to top it.

Besides all that, you’ve got plenty of other superlatives in place and coming. The Tejas restaurant, with its Spanish chef, will certainly top the restaurant ratings soon. The pool complex and adjoining hip lounge will be a magnet for fashion shoots. The private island beach club will be the hot getaway. The casino will surely be the largest and most impressive in the city. And on it goes.

It’s big, bold, and brash, but with a 1-to-1 guest ratio to make sure you still feel special.

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