The slogan of Mexican airline Interjet translates to “fly better and more for less.” In my experience, it holds true: the price is right, often as low as Aerobus, but without fee piled upon fee to jack up the final price.

The experience is a pleasant surprise as well, with the kind of amenities you would expect from a legacy airline in the old days: drink service with cocktails, snacks, and smiling attendants ready to make you comfortable. The airline even has its own in-flight magazine, though it’s in Spanish only. The wide body Airbus A320 I was on from Mexico City to Merida had leather seats and a seat pitch greater than Aeromexico offers on many flights.

Internet flies to more than 20 airports from its hub in Mexico City. Yes, Mexico City proper: most flights are from Terminal 1 of MEX, not Toluca—though they do fly from that airport as well. Their destinations include Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta, Hermosilla, Merida, Cancun, and Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo. They also hit a lot of business center cities.

One interesting stop on their itinerary for travelers is Chetumal, in the very south of Quintana Roo state. From there can scoot across the border and be in Belize. (Or hang around and check out bargain property prices around Lake Bacalar.) They also fly to Guatemala City.

The check-in process was a little funky in Mexico City as each agent had his/her own line instead of all of them feeding into a “next available” situation. When four guys in front of me decided to check eight overweight and oversized bags, that automatically adding 20 minutes to my wait time, even though I was next in line. But everyone gets and assigned seat and everyone checks in by zone. You can check one bag up to 25 kilos for no extra charge. In other words, they act like you’re a customer instead of a fee generation machine. Very civilized. Here’s another nice touch:

Interjet is the only airline that grants you, via Internet, the functionality of name changing. For only 250 pesos plus TAX per passenger-segment, you can assign your place to anyone you wish, it doesn’t matter that your round trip has been used partially.

I would gladly fly Interjet any time I have the opportunity in Mexico. There’s no first class luxe experience, but since economy treatment here is as good as business class on most U.S. airlines, I’ll take it. Especially when I pull up their easy-to-use website in both Spanish and English. Right now, for instance, you can fly from Mexico City to Chiapas for under $200 round trip. Or Guadalajara to Los Cabos for about $30 more.

See more at the Interjet website.