Sofitel Buenos Aires review

Along with adding reviews of new and notable boutique hotels in Buenos Aires, we’ve been working on some updates as well.

I liked what I saw when I visited the elegant Sofitel in Buenos Aires several years ago, but wasn’t convinced it was in the same company as the other luxury hotels we’ve included in the city. After some reader feedback and some upgrades in the rooms, however, we’ve decided to add it to our reviews of the best hotels in Argentina. Here’s what our reviewer had to say about this converted apartment building near the Recoleta Cemetary:

The Sofitel holds a lot of elegant charm if you are looking to stay in a larger chain hotel that can still manage to maintain a lot of personality. They say that Buenos Aires is the Paris of South America, and a stay at the very French-influenced Sofitel only adds to this feel.

So now you can see the full review of the Sofitel here.

Since our Four Seasons review was a few years old, we just updated that as well. Once again, our reviewer confirmed that this is, in most aspects, the best hotel in Buenos Aires. Some prefer the old-world feel of Alvear Palace, others the hipster vibe of Faena Hotel + Universe, but it’s hard to top the service standard that Four Seasons sets.

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