It’s time for another luxury retirement home and vacation real estate story on a spot on the Pacific coast: the Riviera Nayarit of Mexico.

This is the catch-all marketing name for the coastal region starting at Nuevo Vallarta (just north of the Puerto Vallarta airport) and extending past the Punta Mita development to Sayulita and on up. In general, the further north you go, the less developed it is.

The cement trucks have been busy in this area, including one big eyesore failed hotel you’ll pass, but in general the projects here are less dense, more in tune with nature, and less about stripping away the beachside vegetation to build giant all-inclusives and high-rise condos. That means the homes in this area are aimed at the wealthy, those who can afford big plots of land with big villas on top.

One of our contributors wrote this story, not me, but I have to admit this is one of my favorite coastal areas in all of Latin America. Dramatic, scenic, and quiet, with big waves and small towns. The homes here are some of the most spectacular in all of Mexico and it’s pretty hard to top these views anywhere.

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