A lot of hotels pile on the perks after arrival, but what about that time you spend in the airport? If only they could make that part easier, right?

In the Los Cabos airport anyway, Las Ventanas al Paraiso is doing just that. When your stay is over and you have the sad task of returning home, they’ll guide you through the security and customs gauntlet and into a nice lounge until departure time. Here’s the official description.

“Since 2005, Las Ventanas’ Airport Hosts have been greeting the resort’s guests arriving at the airport, whisking them through check-in and escorting them to the security area. Las Ventanas is the only resort with Airport Hosts at San Jose del Cabo International Airport.  Now, the Airport Hosts have been certified with the airport – allowing them to also escort guests through the actual security process, and then on to a new private VIP Airport Lounge.”

Hanging out in the lounge will cost you $20. That’s still half the price of a day pass at an airline lounge though, so a fair deal. It’s in Terminal 1, with a second one going up in Terminal 2 before the end of this year.

There are a lot of great luxury hotels in Los Cabos, but Las Ventanas seems to color outside the lines more than others, coming up with innovative ways to pamper you that you probably hadn’t even thought about. See our full review of Las Ventanas in Mexico.