Want to kick back in style between your visits to Blue-footed Boobies and giant tortoises?

Touring the Galapagos Islands of Ecuador is one of those “bucket list” experiences that many dream of doing at some point. Unlike seeing the Great Pyramids or taking a gondola ride through Venice, this one actually lives up to expectations. One of our correspondents just came back raving from her recent trip to the Galapagos, where she went island-hopping on the luxurious Evolution yacht from Quasar Expeditions.

Visits to the islands of the Galapagos are very restricted, with humans only allowed on a tiny portion of each land mass. The rest is for the animals. So it’s the ship and the naturalists that determine what kind of trip you’re going to have. With Quasar, you’re getting plenty of pampering to go with your education and exploration.

“For all of the cruise line’s sophistication—the white linen tablecloths, stylish terraces, gourmet cuisine and spacious accommodations—their main priority remains the environment itself. They want you to revel in the magic and the mystery of the islands, but they just want to make sure you have a cold cocktail in your hand while you think about it, and a soft pillow to rest your head on at night while the yacht journeys onward.”

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