Way back in 2008, Luxury Latin America kicked off the real estate coverage with a story on buying a vineyard in Mendoza, Argentina. We interviewed a local expert on the subject, David English, who runs a consulting firm for groups and individuals who want to buy the right way—instead of learning through costly mistakes.

David is back in this new article we just posted, but this time we’ve highlighted some developments that have gone from “grand plan” to reality: Vines of Mendoza and La Morada. Although different in what they offer, both offer the chance to be a part owner of a winery without doing it all on your own. Call it being a gentleman farmer or vacation vintner, but these options give you the chance to produce your own wine, but leaving out the part about buying huge plots and tractors.

The value proposition is still there in Argentina, even though the word has been out for a while. A few million dollars won’t get you much in southern France or Napa Valley, but it still will go a long way in the Mendoza wine growing region.

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