We’ve been meaning to review Mexico City’s Hotel Brick for a while now, since it opened in 2010. But something kept coming up—like them being closed for a week last time I was in town.

Thankfully we have one trusted writer in D.F. who was able to get by and spend some time there recently. He didn’t have to go very far since he lives in the neighborhood.

Some complain that Roma’s prettier sister Condesa isn’t really a neighborhood anymore as high rents have pushed out everyone but the yuppies and the restaurants/bars. (You’ve probably got one of these areas in your city, right?) Gentrification has only gotten its fingers into part of early 1900s Roma, however, so it’s still a place where you can find a shoemaker, a butcher, and an old-school barber. And a nice place to spend the night:

“Perhaps the most striking feature of the Brick’s design is how it incorporates greenery and nature. Colonia Roma is full of mature trees, of which the designers have taken full advantage in the placement of balconies for maximum privacy. A second floor “backyard” (for guests only) features a bar and lounge chairs—and a big green lawn. The peaceful contrast with the urban energy beyond the treetops is part of the magic here.”

With only 17 rooms, this is a true boutique hotel, but with a busy restaurant and bar scene it stays lively regardless of how many guests are there.

If staying on a huge boulevard doesn’t appeal to you and your style is more neighborhood strolling than seeing a city from the windows of a car, put this place high on your list. See our full review of Hotel Brick in Mexico City.